Week 2 Master Key


The second week of this program has been interesting!  Any doubts I may have had about whether this stuff works or not have dissipated.  I had a major eureka moment early in the week, realizing how I had become resigned to a life of … well… not realizing my dreams.  I had accepted that struggle was just a part of how my life was.  Ouch!  The second interesting thing happened this morning when I woke to 4 phone calls and emails from people who I had promised to do something for and had not been able to get to it yet.  And they weren’t nice, friendly messages either!  Ok, so this brings to the surface all the unfinished business of my life.  Ouch again!  And I appreciate it.  I have always found that when a change is made, all the things that had blocked that change come up to be dealt with.

It’s interesting how one can study something with a particular terminology for a great many years, and then when one encounters the same thing in different language it gets in in a way that it hadn’t before.  I love the analogy of the conscious mind being an ant, and the subconscious mind being an elephant.  No matter how forceful and determined the ant is, when the elephant decides to do something different the ant doesn’t stand a chance!  The way I look at it – belief systems are formed when one has gone through a trauma and attempts to pin down a way to avoid that trauma in the future.  Habitual patterns are formed when that belief system has been in place for a significant amount of time.  One can clear the belief system, but the habitual pattern remains, and it’s deeply embedded in the subconscious.  The ant no longer has that belief, but the elephant still goes down the same trail.  This program works with the elephant, nudging him down a new trail.  When that elephant goes down the new trail often enough, there’s a choice point at the fork in the road.   Here’s to choice points!  I am very grateful that I decided to jump in.


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