Week 3 Master Key


Whatever this process is, it is powerful.  The ante is being upped.  The process is forcing us to be more aware, more present, more on the spot.  There are consequences to this, both the so-called positive and the so-called negative.  This is a very courageous thing that we do!

And on a less serious note – I am not only realizing how important creativity is to my life, but find it now sneaking in to everything I do.  Cleaning the bathroom ended up by me adding a thing of function and beauty – and color!  Some part of me has been in servitude to the utilitarian approach of the other.  Blamed it on money.  No money now, can’t have the thing of beauty, must pay the electric bill.  No, not now either, there’s the water bill.  I begin to realize that with this approach the thing of beauty permanently takes the back seat.  I’m beginning to see through that ruse.  The creative part demands her expression and won’t be shut up or pushed into the corner by the sick promises that her day will come.  This is an abusive relationship.  Beauty NOW!  Creativity must pervade all that I do or it is not balanced, not authentic, and has no joy.  Joy is the juice that makes it all worthwhile.

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