Week 5 Master Key


This has been an interesting week.  I went out of town to do a presentation for my network marketing business and almost got caught in a cycle of failure.  But didn’t.  I refused to let myself get caught in that downward spiral.  I see how well greased that particular rut is and how easy it is for me to slide down it.  I worked with the energy of the presentation and presented my passion, and people felt the difference.

Driving home yesterday was also interesting.  The Universe spoke to me in symbols.  I was driving down I-25 in Denver with all 4 lanes of traffic full.  I noticed that in front of me was a truck carrying porta-potties – maybe 10 of them.  Then I looked to my right and saw a garbage truck that was spewing bits of garbage.  At that point I looked to my left and notice the lane had opened up, I could change lanes.  I realized that I could step out of my shit and my garbage and move beyond them, so I moved into the left lane and passed the porta-potties.  Not too far down the road I looked to my right and saw a car carrier truck transporting 8 brand new Subaru Foresters.  This happens to be the new car that I have in mind when I qualify for my company’s car bonus. I realized that this was about the power of leverage and also confirmation that abundance is there.

I love when that happens.

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  1. Perfect imagery for me…you have given me a gift today in the reading which I am tucking away when I let myself be stopped! Many thanks.


  2. Diane, I loved the symbolism while you’re driving. You had to have been really excited when that all happened! I drive about 150 miles a day and I too have had some really fun epiphanies at those times….Love your web page too!

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  3. Loved your blog. Like Diane you have also given me a gift to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going, nothing is going to stand in my way. Thank you


    • I am really thankful for each of you…am so starting to feel a real sense of community. Thank you both, all for being present reading each others thoughts and experiences and sharing back. Big hug :0)


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