Week 6 Master key


All I can say this week is that this stuff works.  Before I started this program I had a lot of “fires” to put out – many things that I hadn’t done because I felt I had no time and was overwhelmed – things that had gotten urgent or past urgent.  So I made a list of all these “fires”, and have systematically been putting out at least one every day.  “Do it now” is seeping into my system.  I’m realizing that by putting off all the unpleasant things in my life, I’m creating overwhelm.  By “doing it now” I can be more and more present in the moment and reduce my anxiety tremendously.  Since starting this program I’ve caught up on 2 years of taxes, cleaned parts of my house that haven’t been cleaned in years, called or emailed people I had been meaning to contact for a long time, and gotten caught up on bookkeeping (my husband and I have 3 businesses).  I’ve also started a pre-fire list – things that I’ve had a tendency to put off in the past.  Hopefully, as I continue to “do it now” I can avoid having these things hit the fire list.  I have to say I’m sleeping better!

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  1. Great news..! You have dug in, your doing the work and it is starting to pay dividends. You have really inspired me to keep digging in. Thank you


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