Week 7 Master Key


I’m thinking about my experiences this week and I’m not quite sure what to write.  In general I feel like a molten lava flow; things are hot and churning and burning – but definitely flowing.  I feel more sensitive.  That’s saying a lot – I’m already ridiculously sensitive.  Things are getting done – my fires to put out list is getting shorter (noticing the fire imagery here – note to self – check out Pele).  I have had moments of elation and moments of despair this week.  “Do it now” is cutting through my tendency to procrastinate.  “I can be what I will to be” is cutting through my tendency to sabotage myself in exquisitely subtle ways.

Perhaps this sounds a bit negative.  I am feeling ruthlessly honest right now.  I have to say that Og’s chapter on love is amazingly soothing.  I thought I would feel more cynical about it.  It wraps around me like a blanket of Slippery Elm tea.  “I will greet this day with love in  my heart”.  Oh yay!  let’s do it!  Let’s do use love as our shield!  I do love the night with its stars!  I’m pretty much getting my three times a day in with this one.

That about sums it up for now.  Good night dear friends.

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