Week 9 Master key


Last week I talked about the “minefield of dreams”, the way the emotions we’re addicted to conspire to take us down as we begin to notice them and loosen their hold on us.  This week I got completely caught in such a land mine, and forgot all the instructions for myself that I wrote down a week ago.  It was a situation where my “reality” matched the land mine perfectly.  The situation was there, it was real, and I reacted to it.  Or was my reaction actually the cause of the landmine?  Was the emotion looking for a way to come forth and instigated the situation? Is “reality”really real leaving us no choice but to be helpless victims?  Or are we looking at a situation of co-created reality where our past, our habitual patterns, and the emotional addictions co-create the moment and we fall for it again and again?

In the same way that we manifest our own minefields, perhaps we can manifest our own openness, our own willingness to “jump off the cliff”, our own love, our own abundance.  I think it takes a gap, a moment of letting go.  I am grateful for the sitting.  Magic happens there.

Because I was finally able to let go, a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner happened.  Old friends, deep conversation, organic wine, and oh yes, delicious food happened in the space of letting go.  I almost didn’t.  But I don’t blame or judge myself for being unable to let go sooner.  I have gratitude for my own journey, and gratitude for the magic of other people.  “I greet this day with love in my heart”.  Pretty cool.

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  1. VERY cool. Love how you are noticing the ‘moments’ more clearly as they occur (or very soon after they begin in the Landmine case?)

    Thanks for sharing – again, I always find another bit of information to connect with and use in bringing focus to my own journey.

    Mahalo! #BePhenomenalOrBeForgotten #jump #FreeFalling #MKMMA


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