Week 12 Master Key


What has been on my mind this week has been the advice to have no opinions.  For me, this is amazingly difficult (so far the “mental diet” has not lasted more than a day).  I am outraged by many things going on in the world today – environmental degradation, fracking, GMOs; and that’s before we even get to politics.  It becomes the topic of conversation and ranting every time I am with a like-minded person.  So having no opinion here is difficult.  It has stretched me, to say the least, to work on having no opinion here.  And yet, as I make the attempt, I realize that having no opinion increases my clarity.  If I can truly become neutral on the topics I am so passionate about, I may be able to see a way to do some good.  It may be that I’m more effective this way, and that my outrage, justified though it may feel, actually blinds me to finding a way to contribute meaningfully.

This program has stretched me in a huge way.  It’s not so much about being out of my comfort zone – as my husband says – I don’t have a comfort zone.  It’s more about being able to move forward without one.  That has been a lifelong challenge.  Again, I am grateful.

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  1. I never thought of it this way! Having a neutral opinion might help me be of more service! Wow. Thank you for the lightbulb moment here! I am going to look at that as I try harder, especially with family and Christmas coming.


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