Week 13 Master Key


Wishing all of you a Happy Solstice!  I am grateful for fire on this cold snowy night.

What an amazing way to change our lives!  I realized this week that my DMP is written as a metaphor and that has made it difficult to create SMART goals.  I finally figured out the DMP behind the DMP, and the PPNs behind the PPNs.  Does that make sense?  I trust the process by which I came up with my original DMP and PPNs; I don’t think they need changing, but there is a deeper need and a deeper purpose.  There are PPNs which are already such an integral part of my life that they need no further mention.  The ones I came up with are ones that need my focus and attention.  It feels right, so I continue.

Sitting here writing I often come up with new insights.  I just realized, a nano second’s worth, that there is no doubt that this process is changing my life in a very good way.  I can relax.  I can breathe.

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  1. Dorji, I’m guessing all of us are re-examining our dmp’s and ppn’s. As you stated, we are evolving through this process of MKMMA. I know I’m certainly not the person I was in August. thank you for your post…You’re going to have a splendid New life starting this New Year!


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