Week 14 Master Key


This month’s reading in Og Mandino’s book is interesting.  “I am nature’s greatest miracle”.  It is true that each one of us is unique, and that is our strength.  The way I look at it is that it’s an invitation to acknowledge our own brilliance.  Not as arrogance, but as the depth and truth of what we really are.  It’s sometimes hard to grok, and it’s hard to own.  But it is true and anything that goes against that is a lie.  When I look in my eyes in the mirror, I see the Essence of who I am, and I know that more than anything that “Gal in the Glass” wants freedom.  She wants me to look in my own eyes and acknowledge my own strength and beauty and brilliance, and to own it.  It’s not up for grabs and it’s not subject to others’ approval, it just is.

We don’t often look into our own eyes.  It used to freak me out when I was a teenager – I felt like I was looking into eternity.  It has been a powerful part of this program.

I was interested in this course because I was having difficulty making phone calls for my business and I thought it would help.  I knew I had some old belief systems and habitual patterns that were holding me back.  Instead it has changed my whole life.  Making phone calls is still difficult.  It may just be the one step that gives me that freedom that the ‘Gal in the Glass” is looking for.

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  1. well done Dorje. we are all very much alike and yet still different, I love the way it affects you when you look into your own eyes. I find your feeling when I look into a babies eyes, a certain depth and wisdom


  2. I liked your comment on courage Dorje…I was wondering about that as well this week. I had a friend who was a very serious rock climber who seemed to have buckets of courage while it seems I have it in teaspoons!


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