Week 15 Master Key


It seems I always remember my blog on Friday night after I’ve turned off my computer.  The computer makes its final dying sound and I go, “Oh shit, it’s Friday”.  So here I am, having spent the week looking for evidence of courage.  I call my daughter and ask her if she’s done anything courageous that day.  I look at email headlines – “2 heroes rescue old horse from sinkhole.”  I can’t bear to read stories of animals being hurt, but I acknowledge the courageous actions of the rescuers.  I acknowledge every small evidence of courage in myself, even the fact that for the last 30 years I’ve followed my morning shower with a minute or so of cold water (on the advice of a chiropractor).  While I’m in the cold part of that shower I imagine myself making a phone call.  I figure that stepping out of my comfort zone in the shower could inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and make a phone call.

The world is filled with courageous actions.  Some of them are very small.  To live requires courage.  My older daughter has created a living for herself by teaching Gaelic classes online from this small Colorado mountain town.  It gives her tremendous joy and she works hard at creating a solid business of it.  My younger daughter has two  small children, lives in a house that will be a construction zone for the next ten years, owns a yoga studio, writes for a local paper, and has a part-time job.  Every day requires courage for all of us.  I used to have so much more of it in my 20’s (or was that foolhardiness?).  And yet, having joined a network marketing business and actually doing the work requires tremendous courage.  Thinking I can change lifetimes of playing small takes huge courage.  It’s all there.

I am soooooo grateful for this MKMMA course!  My life is being changed, one molecule at a time.

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  1. And here I thought I was the only crazy one… I do the Cold Shower Therapy a couple times a year (30 consecutive days of 5 minutes cold water only). Love your blog this week – the Ben Franklin ‘makeover’ is really helping my awareness too!


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