Week 18 Master Key


There have been some interesting changes this week.  The card that we stack the deck with – “What would the person you intend to become do next?” has changed everything.  It turns out – the person I intend to become has a lot of confidence, she is an astute business woman, she knows what she’s up to and she is not neurotic!  So when I ask what she would do next I get some pretty insightful answers!  She doesn’t procrastinate or get distracted.  She knows what’s best for her business.  Dang! I’m glad she showed up!  Since she’s shown up I’ve been making calls for my business and scheduling meetings with people.  I signed up someone new today.  Mark and Davene – this is brilliant!!  MKMMA has finally trickled down to my business.  I’m not complaining – the previous weeks have brought up some very deep and very old stuff that needed to be cleared.  And who knows what next week will bring?  I might have to fire ME and go with “the person I intend to become”.  I think she needs a name.

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