Week 20 Master Key


The synchronicity of this program blows my mind.  Somehow it always addresses exactly what has been going on for me, even if I miss the webinar and watch it later, it’s still right on at that moment.  The insights just keep popping up.  I am becoming intimately aware of my patterns of sabotage.  Sometimes it’s like watching a movie that you’ve watched before – many times.  And it always ends the same.  And yet I feel like I’m on the verge of being able to step in and change the ending – like in lucid dreaming.

Using kleshas (Tibetan term for sticky emotions) as tools.  Love it!  There’s the sense that these obstacles are only obstacles because I feed them.  A weird dance of real and unreal.  Real because my fear gives me a knot in my gut.  Unreal because when it’s not there it’s totally not there.  Gone.

More later.

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