Week 21 Master Key


In the Journey (cellular healing work created by Brandon Bays) there is a situation called an “impossible bind”.  This is when you hold two equally strong beliefs that are diametrically opposed.  The effect is like having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.  I discovered such a bind this week and I’m actually thrilled.  I’m thrilled because in discovering it I know I can clear it.  From the time I began in my network marketing business, making calls, the essential part of the business, has been almost impossibly difficult.  I know this is a common phenomena in the business, but this was to the point where a less persistent person would have given up.  My discovery this week (remember this is all within the subby, not conscious) is that at the time of a serious trauma at 5 years old, I formed a strong belief that I had to stay safe, to stay protected at ALL costs.  My subby considers putting myself out there, stepping out of my comfort zone, becoming visible, as extremely threatening.  I am being pushed to be successful by financial necessity, which is the other side of the “impossible bind”.  The very good news is that I know how to resolve the situation now that it has made itself clear.

It’s all the little things we are doing that constantly bring the things up that we need to deal with.  So much gratitude for this!

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  1. Great observation Dorje, I wished you would have shared “how” you did the clearing! Maybe next week? Love your blog. It’s very artistic!


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